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[edit] Higaaran

[edit] Fleet Command

Not Karan S'jet Wired into Mothership computer network, coordinates the entire fleet activity. Only a small segment of the population is capable of handling the challenges of this position, one which is vital to the effectiveness of the fleet. This leads to the placment of somewhat atypical personalities in what would otherwise be strictly military roles. This will allow us to explain any moderately silly characters we want to place in this role, but I don't remember right now anything else about our plans for this position. Effectively the player character role.

[edit] Fleet Intelligence

The strictly military counterpart to Fleet Command, Fleet Intelligence provides advisement and anylisis, and is the primary vehichle for exposition and delivery of objectives to the player.

[edit] Karan S'jet


[edit] Vaygr

[edit] Makaan


[edit] Military Command

[edit] Civilian Command

[edit] Other

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